Stay Safe On The Water: Boating Safety For Recreational Boaters

23 January 2019
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When you want to spend a great day on the water, it's necessary to know the basic safety rules. From being prepared in the event of an emergency with life jackets to checking the weather before you head out, keep yourself and your friends safe when you are out boating. Know what the water conditions are, and be ready to manage in the event of rain or if you need life jackets. Read More …

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First-Time Four-Wheeler Fun: An Introduction

The first time my kids saw a four-wheeler, they were instantly obsessed. They wanted to learn how to ride, how to upgrade them, and everything else they could find out. I spent a lot of time researching and learning with them, because I wanted to be sure that they were safe about it. The information they found was so scattered online that I decided to create this site where I could put everything we've discovered in one place. I hope that the pages of this blog help you to understand the best practices and tips for your child's first four-wheeler so you can make it a great experience.